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Websites designing company in Sri Lanka, with 8 years experience, professionally designed web sites at an affordable price. Design Mobile friendly Web sites.

If Google cannot find your website, neither will your customers…!!

If your website is not ranking well for the correct keywords, then you are losing business. We design and build SEO friendly websites and have the skills to provide customized SEO plans for your website. This will allow you to be competitive on search engines and build traffic to your website and most importantly convert them to sales. 

Having website alone does not bring clients to your company. Search Engine Optimisation is a must for every website. We do a SEO free for all of our clients, your site will become top 10 organically.

  •  Add Robort.txt file
  •  Add sitemap.xml
  •  Register in Google Console
  •  Add Google Aanlytical Code
  •  Submission of URLs to major browsers such as Google and Yahoo/Bing, MSN 
  •  Set up www and Non www domains
  •  Highlight the website
  •  Add to Bing/ Yahoo webmaster tools
  •  Index pages in Bing
  •  Add meta keywords
  •  Add meta description
  •  Register major internet registries in DMOZ


We build web site Traffic with Organic SEO. Higher Traffic means Higher Sales High Search Engine Ranking


What is Organic SEO ?

Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) is optimising your website to  rank a high place in search engine results page without paying to serch engine, once you gain a position on internet you stay there - viola - we web design Sri Lanka do a organic seo for all oru clients. As your website reaches top your business grows.

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Cross Browser Compatibility
Your website will be visible on all browsers in the world
Responsive web sites
Web site will change according to the device you are using.
Content Management System
You can edit your own website
We create Unique websites