What to consider when designing a web site

How to create quality web content and add value to it

Original content is the key to high ranking, if your content is not original Google blot machine will reject it. Google wants you to create high quality content, i.e. original reports etc, not copied from another site, do a good research.  We should not be obsessed with SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, and create content, with lot of key words. Here are few tips how to create quality content which attracts visitors to your site.

  • Content should be interesting, not long, not boring, simple english.
  • Provide a useful service. Help people. Sort out their problems.
  • Talk from your experience, not somebody else's experience.
  • Give rare information, tutorial and guides. Try to teach to your audience something they do not know. Don't hide your knowledge, always shares, because somebody else will share it if you don't.
  • Make lists. People love lists.
  • Publish videos. Videos are very shareable, people like to watch rather than reading.
  • Create controversy. Make people respond and take action. Make them either agree or disagree with what you’re saying.
  • Create content that is timeless and does not expire or become useless.
  • Show information in graph forms.
  • Solid typeface, mobile friendly RWD (Responsive web sites), 
  • Consider Visual Hierarchy To Lend Your Content Enough Space.
  • Ensure User Engagement With Effective Colors.
  • When designing website consider blind/visually impaired, deaf & disabled visitors.

Quality control measures

  • You need to put strict quality control measures in place when publishing content. Your content needs to be of such high standards that it could be published in a magazine or in a book.  
  • You should double and triple check everything before publishing.
  • Get a second pair of eyes to review your content. Second opinion will help you to improve and spot mistakes that you may have missed.
  • Too many images slows down the upload time of the website.


Google values trust and wants to rank trustworthy sites. That means you need to build a trustworthyness, How do you actually make a site that is trusted by people?

  • Design plays a big role in building trust.
  • Start by having a professional looking design.
  • Look for something clean, pretty to look at, fast to load and mobile friendly (responsive web design).
  • Personalize your site. Present yourself,
  • Show your face, tell your story and explain why you are worth listening to. What are your achievements?
  • What is your experience? One of the main elements you need to get right is your about us page.
  • If you are a company include full company information, address, phone number and other contact details.
  • If you are providing services or selling products include testimonials and reviews from real customers and people, if possible with their contact details.
  • Work on the social proof. Build your followings and shares on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Authority goes hand in hand with trust. What can you do to make yourself and your site more authoritative?  

  • Knowledge and experience helps you create great content that will get other people to trust, share your content in social media and link to it from other sites,  
  • Links from quality sites and social media shares are keys to becoming a recognized authority.
  • Proactively reach outgGive people a reason to link to you. Show them why they should feature you on their sites.
  • Include the list of sites and other media that you have been featured in so your visitors are aware of your status and your authority.
  • Audience focused, don’t just rely on keyword research and on publishing weak articles targeting keyword phrases people search for.
  • Don’t post content on topics that have nothing to do with your website. 
  • Review your entire content archive as low quality content on parts of your site can impact the rankings of the rest of the site.
  • Are there any very short articles? Are there bad guest posts that you have featured? Are there posts that you copied from another site?
  • Don’t be afraid to remove any bad content. Spend a lot of time and effort on adding, enhancing and improving the content on individual pages that are short, 

These SEO tips are very valuable in order for your site to get ranked and get traffic from search engines.