Web Content Writer Sri Lanka

The right content is the key to a website's success and search engine visibility.

Anybody can write content for a website, but a keyword content writer has special skill.

What is a 'keyword'?:

A keyword is a word or (more often) a short phrase which could be 2 - 3 words describing the product/ service of a webpage.

In practice, a keyword is the search query that you type into the search engine before hitting enter. When someone searches Google for, say, “high quality flavoured tea" the Google machine tries to find what the user is looking for, and it returns a list of web pages that address that keyword. If your website uses the exact phrase the user searched for as a keyword, part or of the phrase (“flavoured tea”) or a related phrases (e.g. “peppermint tea,” “Dilmah” or “high quality tea bags") Google is more likely to show the user your website. The keyword should be in either domain name/ h1 title or content. Also keywords should not be repeated unneccessarily, if it is used without real meaning, google machine rejects that website.

So keyword content writer has to keep all that in mind when writing the content.

A website content writer or web content writer is a person who specializes in providing relevant content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content.

Before writing content we should have overall idea

  • About their business
  • Target audience
  • Research their industry
  • Competitors

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Web design Sri Lanka also one of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies in Sri Lanka. Search Engine Optimization ensure maximum visibility of your web site in the internet. Give your website a competitive edge by optimizing it with latest SEO techniques. You can draw targeted traffic to your website. We optimize your site in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn and 100 other Search Engines. Here at AM Web Designers, we can help Google to find your site.

If Google cannot find your website, neither will your customers…!!

If your website is not ranking well for the correct keywords, then you are losing business. We design and build SEO friendly websites and have the skills to provide customized SEO plans for your website. This will allow you to be competitive on search engines and build traffic to your website and most importantly convert them to sales.

Having website alone does not bring clients to your company. Search Engine Optimisation is a must for every website. We do a SEO free for all of our clients, your site will become top 10 organically.

  • Add Robort.txt file
  • Add sitemap.xml
  • Register in Google Console
  • Add Google Aanlytical Code
  • Submission of URLs to major browsers such as Google and Yahoo/Bing, MSN
  • Set up www and Non www domains
  • Highlight the website
  • Add to Bing/ Yahoo webmaster tools
  • Index pages in Bing
  • Add meta keywords
  • Add meta description
  • Register major internet registries in DMOZ


We build web site Traffic with Organic SEO. Higher Traffic means Higher Sales High Search Engine Ranking


What is Organic SEO ?

Organic search engine optimization (organic SEO) is optimising your website to rank a high place in search engine results page without paying to serch engine, once you gain a position on internet you stay there - viola - we web design Sri Lanka do a organic seo for all oru clients. As your website reaches top your business grows.

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In simple term CMS is you can login into your website from 'front end' and create,edit, publish artticles and add images, you do not have to know any css or html. It is just like you are working on your word document, after editing press save button, refresh your web page and your site is updated.

There are leading cms web applications:

  • wordpress
  • Magento - E-commerce
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Responsive Web Design (RWD) - Sri Lanka

What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive web design is about creating web sites which automatically adjust themselves to look good on all devices, from small phones to large desktops.

RWD is Responsive Web Design. RWD can show web sites in different ways in different devices. In 21st century RWD is a must for designing web sites, because most people check their web sites on either Mobile phone, Smart phone or tablet.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

According to research 67% of customers browse the web using either their mobile phones or tablets, mobile friendly websites allows a website to turn to different browser sizes. This means that no matter what device you are viewing on or what size your screen is, the website will be shown nicely. It also ensures that all of the website content will be visible without having to adjust or fiddle around the screen. When creating a responsive website, design must be carefully considered and development needs to be planned and executed with a responsive object in mind, do not worry we have been trained to do that. We are located in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Advantages of having a Responsive Web Site (RWD) of Mobile friendly website

It will l display beautifully and automatically on all devices - (flexibility) No longer you will have to zoom and scroll up and down when browsing your website mobile phone or any other device - easy to manage Cost effective - no need to create two or three websites according devices It is recommended by google